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Machine Learning Resources

" Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make "

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Learn how to predict the future

Machines are learning but are you? Learn to understand the language of data by getting hold of your own Machine Learning Guide Book and become a Data Science expert! 

Machine Learning Guide


" Before the machine starts Learning make sure you learn to handle it "

An Extensive Step by Step Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis

My personal guide to performing EDA for any dataset

All Machine Learning Models

Intuitive explanations of the most popular machine learning models.

Choosing the Right Algorithm for Machine Learning

Learn different algorithms. 

Handling Missing Data for Advanced Machine Learning

The ultimate practical guide to understand, spot, clean and impute missing data.

Balancing Act in Datasets of a Machine Learning Algorithm

Techniques for mitigating the effects of training classifiers with imbalanced datasets in Python.

Machine Learning Algorithms For Beginners with Code

Best machine learning algorithms for beginners.

Mathematics behind Machine Learning

The Core Concepts you Need to Know.

Glossary of common Machine Learning

Statistics and Data Science terms.

Learn 7 Machine Learning Algorithms in 7 Minutes

Machine Learning Made Easy.

Metrics to Evaluate your Machine Learning Algorithm

Metrics to evaluate your Models.


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